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"I have trained with all of the other instructors in the New York area and you are by far the best instructor out of all of them.  That is why I am going to keep coming back for more classes with you.  I carry everyday and it is important to get out here and train."
- Charles S. at our Alumni Pistol class
"Awesome course, still playing all the scenarios in my head. Thanks Kenny"
Randy M. - student of many of our courses via Facebook
"Agreed! Best one yet." 
Mike W. in response to the above Facebook comment
"Great course, awesome experience. Thank you Kenny and all the role players."
Louiz Z. - NRA Instructor and gun store owner
"Mr. Stretz,
Thank you so much for an amazing class. It was a tremendous opportunity for calibration...I got to find out what worked and what didn't out of the stuff I've been training, and now I can adjust accordingly. You're an excellent instructor and your role players are great too. I had a great time and I will try to take every force on force class you offer in the future, along with some other stuff as opportunity permits.  Thank you!
Best wishes,"
Mike E.
"The force on force class was great! It really opened my eyes to a lot of things. Especially my failure use sights properly when the shots were flying in my direction. No way I could get a feedback like this in a regular shooting class with paper targets. I have a lot of training and thinking to do. Thanks again. I recommend the class to anyone who asks. Cheers and keep up the good work."
Vadim V. via Facebook
"What an awesome two days. I'll highly recommend Stretz Tac to anyone who wants to improve their handgun and survival skills. Thanks Ken."
-Randy M.

"I highly recommend this class. We did a lot of realistic shooting scenario's . If you carry you need to be trained. Thanks Ken see you at the next class"
-Kevin J.
"Huge thank you! We had such a great time. I, as I am sure you could tell was nervous....  I thank you for pushing me.... Rich just qualified at the range 96/100. He went on and on with how much the training helped him."
- E.R., a student who set up a private class for her and her boyfriend who is a NYC Police Officer.  His qualification scores went from 70's/80's to 96/100 at work, after one session with Stretz Tactical
"Was a well worth it class. Glad I took it!! Learned a lot. Thanks"
-Adam B.
"Another successful day at the range! Basic Tactical Shotgun training by"
-Bree Michael Warner, Actress
"Thanks for a day of great training. Got my shotgun mojo back!"
-J.M. Police Sergeant 
"Great day shooting, great group! Was really happy to get some of the rust off today!"
-K.N. Police Officer
"GREAT course!"
-Kevin C.
"Great class today, good training. Noted a few deficiencies that I'll train up for next time.....Thanks again for a great day of training."
-J.J. Corrections Officer
"Thanks for a great pistol class. I learned a great deal today. Please send me info forms for upcoming classes and I will forward them off. Hope all goes well with the carbine course tomorrow. I look forward to being a repeat customer."
-M.B. Firefighter & NRA Instructor
"Just wanted to say thanks again for a great weekend of shooting.  I (we) look forward to more training in the future. I just wanted to shoot you an e-mail in request of any material from the weekend that I can use as a reference at the range and at home to work on these skills.  Again, thank you."
-Joe D.  Teacher/ Volunteer Firefighter



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