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Frequently Asked Questions


Don't hesitate to contact us for any questions not answered below.


Do you rent firearms for use during class?


We have rental firearms on a limited basis.  Contact us for more info


What type of Firearms permit do I need, if any?


In the state of New York, only a pistol permit is required. Exceptions for Film Production/Actors specific training. (contact us for more details).


Do you provide ammunition for class?


Ammunition is included at an additional cost for Production/Actor Training and on occasion for all other course attendees.  Contact us for more info


What is the policy in the event of poor weather?


We shoot rain or shine.  Please bring wet weather gear and dress accordingingly.  Indoor classes during the winter months will be rescheduled if cancelled due to snow.


I work in the Entertainment Industry and need Firearms training for either myself or my production. Are you available for consultation and instruction?


Yes, we are available for consultation and private Firearms instruction with multiple weapons systems. Some of the work we have done includes, but is not limited to: On screen talent and consultants with Eclectic Productions on a promo for ABC's FBI Drama Series "Quantico". Worked with EFO Films to train Jenna Kelly for her role in Precious Cargo with Bruce Willis, worked with Bree Michael Warner “Brogan” in Officer Down with Stephen Dorff and James Woods, provided firearms training and on set technical advising for Big Dogs TV series, on set armorer ("gun wrangler") for Paradise City, provided private group firearms training for a group of NYC based stunt performers. Additionally Ken has provided on set security for TV and film productions, during his career as a Police officer.


Do you teach in states other than New York?


YES, We do classes regularly at multiple locations in CT, PA, NY and can come to your range/state.  Contact us to discuss hosting a class at your range


Are you available to teach at my Club/Range?


Yes, contact us to discuss hosting us at your range


Do you provide Private Teaching?


Yes, Stretz Tactical is available for Private Instruction in hourly increments with a two hour minimum. Please contact us for details and to schedule


Do you provide lunch for full day and multi day courses?


We DO NOT provide lunch and classes at the blue mt sportsman center require you to bring a lunch.  The constricted range hours force us to take a small break to eat in place.  We stay on the range to eat, so that we can cover everything we need to cover and maximize trigger time


I'm a civilian, can I bring my unregistered assault weapon or high capacity magazines?


NO! While we do not support the safe act or attacks on the 2nd amendment, we are running a business and don’t need to support breaking the law.  Furthermore, Ken Stretz is a full time Active Police Officer


Can I pay by check?


Yes, however please note that class registration can not be completed and your spot cannot be held until payment has been received. For your convenience we have set up a secure online payment system that will ensure your participation in class without delay or at risk of selling out.


Do you do handgun safety training for pistol permit applicants?


Yes, for groups of 4 or more at your location.  Contact us for more info and to schedule


Do you do live fire training for Putnam Concealed Carry Permit Applicants?


Yes, contact us to schedule. Also, we issue certificates for all of our classes, which can serve as proof of live fire training


Can I bring more than one gun to class?


Yes, although not required, it is recommended. If you bring one gun that breaks and you don’t have spare parts, you will have wasted your time and money on class.  Unfortunately given the amount of topics covered we don’t have the time to halt instruction to assist in fixing your gun with other students in a class. It's alway best to bring a back up gun if available.


I don't own an assault weapon, can I still buy one in NY?


Yes, companies such as Stag Arms, as well as, others manufacture New York Compliant assault weapons.


What is your cancellation Policy?


Due to a number of customers cancelling because of rain, "last minute family function", "I am going to a Pro 2A Rally", "Can you hold me a spot, we are lifelong friends, I will pay you on the day" - then they are a no show or just plain "I forgot about class, even though you sent a reminder email", we will be STRICTLY ENFORCING the refund/cancellation policy. While we strive to maintain a great relationship with our customers, especially repeat customers - some who have become friends, we are running a business.

That said, all cancellations/requests for a refund (excluding 72 hours or less) will have the option of a refund minus a $50 fee or a "use it or loose it" credit towards a comparably priced class in the following 6 months.  If you cancel a class you used the credit for, there will be no refund and no credit.  Cancellations of less than 72 hours will only receive the aforementioned credit. cancellations on the morning of, or no shows, WILL NOT receive a credit or a refund.

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