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The course is designed for those who have taken at a minimum, a full day pistol class with Stretz Tactical before.  4 hour modules not included - you must have taken a full day pistol class (1 Day Basic Tactical Pistol, 1 Day Concealed Carry Skill Development, Shooting On The Move Pistol, 1 Handed Shooting, etc) with us before. This class will go beyond our 2 Day Advanced Tactical Pistol.  In addition to SOME drills you may have experienced in our classes in the past, we will include complex drills and scenarios as well as advanced target systems never used in our classes before. 


There will be a lot of movement, injured shooter and one handed drills.  We will be heavy on the use of cover and stress courses.  If you have enjoyed our classes before, this one is sure not to disappoint.

Physical requirements: For all tactical classes, students must be able to run short distances & be capable of standing for long periods. 1 DAY ALUMNI PISTOL WILL BE MORE PHYSICALLY DEMANDING THEN OUR OTHER CLASSES.



  • Serviceable semi-automatic pistol of at least 9mm Para caliber

  • Sturdy holster (NO crossdraw, shoulder, ankle or Blackhawk Serpa holsters, I WILL ALLOW SERPA HOLSTERS ONLY IF YOU ARE AN ARMED PROFESSIONAL & IT IS YOUR ISSUED DUTY HOLSTER)

  • Minimum one double magazine pouch/Ability to carry minimum of two magazines

  • Minimum of three serviceable magazines (5 is better)

  • 400 rounds of ammunition

  • Eye and Ear Protection (electronic hearing protection is preferred)

  • 10 Dummy Rounds

  • Suitable range wear depending on the season

  • A positive attitude

  • Weapons lube



  • Sunblock

  • Baseball style hat

  • Lip balm

  • Water

  • Lunch / Snacks


To complete your registration please clink link below AND and follow steps to purchase your slot  The payment step may not work from a mobile device or business network with a strong firewall.  If you experience an issue, try from your home lap/desk top computer.



9:30 AM- 4:30PM

COST: $200

Blue Mountain Sportsman Center

Police Range 3

183 Watch Hill Road

Cortlandt Manor, NY 10567

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