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Connecticut Red Dot Pistol Class


Blue Mountain Sportsman

183 Watch Hill Road

Cortlandt Manor, NY 10567


*Individual Range fees & Travel effect prices

To complete your registration please clink link below AND and follow steps to purchase your slot.  The payment step may not work from a mobile device or business network with a strong firewall.  If you experience an issue, try from your home lap/desk top computer.

Red Dot Pistol

Red Dot Sight equipped defensive & duty pistols are here to stay. In this class we will cover "finding the dot" when drawing/presenting the pistol, tracking the dot during recoil, zeroing and "re-learning" handgun marksmanship when transitioning to the red dot equipped pistol. There is a learning curve to finding the red dot & there is no one size fits all technique to finding it consistently. This class combines & exposes the student to a variety of techniques, so they can figure out what works and what doesn't for them & not be told what is right or wrong, based on what works for instructor "X". Other topics covered include: Downed optics drills, BUIS, malfunction clearance with the red dot, shooting on the move, optics selection, mounting options, holsters & support equipment for the red dot equipped pistol.


  • Red Dot Equipped serviceable semi-automatic pistol of at least 9MM caliber, preferably with back up iron sights (Not mandatory)

  • 900 rounds 2 DAY/ 550 ROUNDS 1 DAY

  • Quality belt mounted or duty holster (no crossdraw, shoulder, ankle or SERPA holsters - armed professionals issued a serpa will be the exception)

  • 2 magazines & a magazine carrier

  • 10 Dummy Rounds

  • Wrap around eye protection

  • Ear protection

  • A good attitude




  • Sunblock

  • Baseball style hat

  • Water

  • Note taking materials

  • Lunch / Snacks



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