Here are 4 videos covering gun safety, blank safety, set safety and more. Please share this with talent, production and crew. Safety is everyone's business! *Turn your volume up, audio is slightly low*

I Trained "Tactigal" AKA Actress Bree Michael Warner
for the 3 1/2 years that we dated

Bree shooting.jpg
Bree shotgun.JPG
Bree Flashlight.JPG

I Appeared in & technical advised a promo for "Quantico" w/Complex Media & "Tactigal" Bree Michael Warner

On screen Quantico promo
Behind the scenes Quantico Promo

W/the former cast of "GUN TV", including Amy Robbins & "Tactigal" Bree Michael Warner on set in Vegas filming a pilot spin off project.

W/cast of Gun TV - new project

Training actress Jenna Kelly for
"Precise Cargo" with Bruce Willis

Jenna Kelly3.jpg

On the set of "Big Dogs", where I provided firearms training & technical advising

Me on set.jpeg
On set of Big Dogs
Set monitors.jpg

Prepping Glock 19 Pistol's with blanks for the next scene - Paradise City ( I was an on set armorer.)

Providing armorer services - Paradise City
Set Of Paradise City
Set of Paradise City