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1 Day Advanced Tactical Shotgun 

Pre-requisites: *You most have attended a 2 or more day defensive/tactical shotgun tactical class with either Stretz Tactical Inc. OR another reputable training company.

Topics include: Stress courses, moving targets, advanced target systems and more.


Physical requirements: For all tactical classes, students must be able to run short distances & be capable of standing for long periods.




  • A servicable duty/defensive 12 guage shotgun, pump or semi-auto with a sling (tactical sling preferred)

  • Zeroed prior to arriving to class. (100 YARD ZERO PREFERRED but others are acceptable if you understand your zero)

  • Ammunition: 30 Slugs, 50 OO buckshot ** Lead only (no steel shot)** , 75 birdshot ** Lead only (no steel shot)**

  • 5 Dummy Rounds 

  • A method for carrying spare ammunition - on the gun, your person or both.

  • Eye & ear protection



  • Quality duty/defensive handgun (for transition drills)

  • 50 rounds of ammunition

  • Holster - No serpa, crossdraw, ankle or shoulder holsters

  • Spare magazine w/pouch



  • Sunblock

  • Baseball style hat

  • Lip balm

  • Water

  • Lunch / Snacks


COST $200

To complete your registration please clink link below AND and follow steps to purchase your slot.  The payment step may not work from a mobile device or business network with a strong firewall.  If you experience an issue, try from your home lap/desk top computer.

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